Today is August 3, 2020
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field notes by siri
July 2020

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July 7, 2020

this week was marked by a bobcat jumping nimbly up onto a roof from a patio of a neighbor across the arroyo. such a large and healthy bobcat i had to dig out the bins to be sure it was a bobcat and not a mountain lion. that large, that filled out. nothing like the smaller, scrappier, skin and bones version that visited our back wall last summer with her 2 kittens. this one was huge. it took a quick bath and then settled right in for a very relaxed nap. stayed about an hour before jumping down. one step straight down the wall, expertly landing on the narrow wall between patios. walking then right along the wall, stepping surely even over the iron gate's decorative scroll to the other side, disappearing into the shadows of evening inside the patio of the neighboring house. night fell before it exited. no doubt our arroyo neighbor would have freaked a little if she knew of her back patio visitor.


two days later, the 20 or so quail who regularly roost all afternoon in the shade of the cactus and brush on the other side of the arroyo suddenly flushed and scattered every which way. a javalina, the hair on its spine standing straight up, ran this way and that, charging them, before finally turning and trotting straight uphill no longer bent on bothering them, just determined to reach some unknown to us destination. the daddy quail chasing after him as tho they were any threat at all, had him on the run, they could later report back to their families, doing their duty to protect at all cost. hehee. quite the ruckus for a couple minutes. comical, not tragic, this time.
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