Today is September 18, 2020
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field notes by siri
May 2020

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May 18, 2020

rico's first bloom ever opened!

he has a small crown of buds this year. a couple along the east side too, facing the morning sun.

last year he had several nubs but they never grew, filled out, pumped up and opened. so i was watching this year's crop with a little hope but the realization that they too might just be early scouts. rico, in saguaro years, after all is still a youngster.

but there it was. proof that things were different this year. those nubs kept growing and plumping. and finally today, one sprang open with white petals, that sweet nectar the bees and birds find irresistible.

she never gives up our Mother. she is so very patient and wise.

i do believe She will have the final say here. will She grieve our passing? i think so. she's a mother after all. i think She grieves now, shaking her head at all the warnings She has offered for so many years, in so many ways. this is just the latest version, She made sure it would be hard to miss. and still most of us turn away with self inflicted blind eyes.
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