Today is July 9, 2020
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book notes by siri
June 2020
29Book 7, the lightest object in the universe

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Book 7, the lightest object in the universe
June 29, 2020

Hey, i read a book! I mean, ibactually FINISHED it! Amazing!

I just havent been able to maintain interest in any novel i pick up since april. I had books i meandered into...the long way home, the giver of stars, know my name. I ventured halfway thru those and then what? I just lost interest. So odd.

Then the library reopened and a book by a local writer, kimi eisele showed up on my ready for pick up shelf. I think maybe because it so closely parallels the present disaster, it held me. I was captivated by how it played out, how this post collapse country coped, strategized, began again. Here are the comments on the back cover which i think captures it well:

A love story set in a landscape where everything (government, hidtory, infrastructure) has collapsed--except our need for one another and the struggle to persevere. In such a world, love may be on the run, but it can still be a transforming force. What's required is a kind of faith: in ourselves, in one another, in a future that is no more or less uncertain than it always has been. The experience of humanity, in other words, which Eisele brings to every page of this deeply moving narrative. ---- David L Ulin, author of Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles

It might be annoxymoron to call an apocalyptic novel hopeful, but The Lightest Object in the Universe is a testament to the power of love in the darkest times....There's horror, yes, but mire moments of ingenuity, generosity, and grace. I couldnt put it down. -----Sheri Holman, author of Witches on the Road Tonight

Kimi Eisele's post apocalytic novel is a rarity. Her people dont merely wander across a blighted wasteland; they form communities, till the soil, send their voices into the ether, and cling tenaciously to hope.---David McGlynn, author of One Say You'll Thank Me

There's an epic journey across the country fueled by love. There's a staying in place filled by tenacity and perseverance and a will to see each other thru. Its hard to explain how a novel about a time after a pandemic like flu that took millions of lives and then worse hardship after that, the collapse of everything, could actually be a bright spot in this dark time. But it was for me. Partly, it just made me immensely grateful for what we do still have readily and easily available....snail mail that doesnt require a fleet of relays via bicycle carriers, email and texting instantaneous messaging, zoom chats, the internet as a source of news and information so helpful for living, surviving, cars that still have fuel, water at the turn of a knob, grocery stores filled with food.

We have so much work to do. This pandemic IS a portal as arundahati roy writes. A new world is waiting to come thru. If we listen, she says, we can hear it breathing. That new world feels a little more alive, a little more possible in the pages of kimi's book. I hopecwe dont have to go this far into the apocalyse to birth it. But kimi has given us a bit of a map.

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