Today is July 16, 2020
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June 28, 2020

oh the blue birds are on their 2nd family.. he is so pretty .. he sits on top of my wire cage for my cucumbers that are on the back patio.. i have a bird house on top of the feeder pole and that is what they are living in.. moved in pretty quick lol

i have cucumbers, squash, and sweet banana peppers and two tomatoes all are doing so well.. and a grape plant in a pot by the garage.. i saw in greece when we were there.. they wrap the vines so they make kinda a bowl.. and the grapes grow in the center.. mine is on a tomato cage.. and i have lots of little tiny grapes.. it is the 2nd year.. last year i didn't have anything.. i keep it in the garage during the winter..

my bulbs i wintered as well in the garage.. are all blooming.. well some of them died over the winter but the bulbs that were still hard.. doing quite well..

hot today but a nice breeze .. very nice breeze..
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