Today is July 15, 2019
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April 7, 2019

last week at bowling.. one of the girls who is new came up and asked me about the handicaps.. and why adding the average and the handicap together does not equal accross the board every bowler. "sigh" we follow wibc rules and have figured the handicap 75% of 180 for as long as this league has been in existance.. which is from the 70's .. she had less than a 100 average

then another new bowler.. my team only has 3 right now.. the 4th broke a bone in her foot and had to quit till next year.. i had so much going on with the new house i missed two weeks as did my other team mate so that left our best bowler to bowl alone.. she is on 2 sanctioned leagues and knows the rules inside and out.. soooooo it was 4 bowlers on the other team and her alone on ours.. she would wait for the last bowler to bowl before she would bowl to keep a decent pace.. and not bowl too fast.. the new bowler kept telling her she was up.. finally she let her have it.. what is wrong with people... and her team told my teammate she was correct in bowling after the last bowler which we all know that!!!

then another new bowler.. she bowled while on a conference call.. wth.. she sells OILS .. i had a spot on my chest that showed with a vneck.. she wante3d me to put lavendar oil on it.. that is the kind of oils she sells.. i put neosporin .. it healed nicely.. wth
so now she doesn't talk to me which i really don't care..

the girl that does the banquet has moved to flordia so another girl took it over.. her first time.. we all voted and then the fun begines.. one is vegan ( how that is i don't know since the last time i was at lunch with her she had a ham sandwhich and fries) One is glutton free.. one east strangly.. the girl did a good job picking out the menu.. roast beef sandwhich, salad with chicken and then fish and chips yet the bitching started.. my feelings is DON"T GO...

i am sick of people.. i need some time away from them.. i am over tired with the move .. and i am still not packed all the way and the movers are coming tomrrow..

it will all get done i know..

well i am done eating breakfast.. going to start my day

oh and i sold my electric piano for $600 very happy indeed..
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