Today is May 19, 2019
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March 13, 2019

we are no longer in first place at bowling.. damn.. one girl quit in december one has gone south to see her dad now because she has a cyst that has to be removed and won't be able to travel for a while.. so it leaves me and one other bowler.. and she has hurt her foot so she didn't bowl well.. we are just a mess LOL I don't care.. we have fun and should finish at the very least in 2nd ..

i am giving my sister in law the extra lights i have.. the two bent ones.. she is happy and a hanging light i bought to replace my stained glass lamp in kitchen .. i ended up deciding to leave the shade in the current house.. and a ceiling light i had extra.. she is coming over sunday.. i am going to go through my framed prints on teh wall and give her ones i don't want to keep.. i just need to get rid of stuff i kinda like and keep what i really like..

i am so very tired.. i am on the go from morning to night.. i am either cleaning , packing , waiting for people at the new house, there is always stuff to do..

husband and i have divided up the chores for cleaning.. he vacuums and steams all the floors and i dust and clean toilets LOL it works ..

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