Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
November 2021
1What A Mess
2Fibro Cream
6Flaring Up Sucks Ass
7Not All Well
November 16, 2021

Remy has been a little stinker towards Lucy (her humans are picking her up tonight) with the red ball & the doggie beds. Remy seems out of character cause he does not act this way with the other greyhounds that stay with us. Remy as been a ball and bed hog there are other balls but hell if I know where he stashes them. The beds there are more than one freaking doggie bed & yet they both want the same one like they share it at times, but others is more of a who gets on the bed first. It is indeed like having a couple of toddlers. I will have a couple of days with no greys then Jay is coming back on Wednesday then again the following week to stay here with us for three weeks. There they go again I can see them walking around the house too funny.

DJ is home from the con I gotta say I am grateful that there is social media, that they have me on their accounts, that I am able to look at their photos it is like kinda being there with them. The confidence they now have after so many years of self doubt of feeling so much crap about who they are inside & out. I am beyond proud and so happy to see DJ embrace their true self blessed be. I have missed the fucker. I am grateful for being on the ride with them that they have allowed me in through the years melts my heart.

Another wrong delivery this time a Starbucks bag I opened the door looked down at the bag, picked it up it had the name Laura on it. I looked up saw a car parked in front of our house started waving my arms lol like I just don’t care. Luckily the driver saw me I asked him what address as always 125 um not us, and as always is that damn house next door the haunted AF one. I walked out some more cause my damn fibro fog has been a shit show all weekend. There was a woman in the car I just told her that I wanted to make sure I gave him the correct house yup fog has been fucking me up. I am not sure how they penalize the delivery people for leaving the food at the wrong house I am glad they were still there & Laura now has her Starbucks, and the driver will not get a penalty.

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