Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
September 2021
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September 12, 2021

This happened on Friday the 9th in the afternoon I was watching TV when the sounds of a woman screaming caught my attention. I muted my TV thinking maybe hubby was watching some horror movie nope I listen again shrug it off. I resumed watching my TV show again and again I head a woman screaming I muted my TV. I looked out the living room window saw a State Trooper pull up parked across the street, and then another one the second cop I saw her get out of her car and run. I lost sight of the cop I could still hear the woman screaming her screams sounded horrible. To my surprise I see both cops come back with the woman I could hear a few words in Espanol muerte was one of them. At first I did not recognize her I truly do not care to know all my neighbors, she lives right in front of us across the street. She’s not someone I bother with she has always giving me a negative vibe add snobbish vibe. She has two kids & her husband the few times I have seen him he always waves meh I wish he didn’t. Anyways I keep hearing here say muerte, something about drugs, and something about her husband all in a mix of English & Espanol.

I went to get my phone just in case cause I don’t trust the pigs. I was wondering if she was having a mental break I started recording. I posted the video on my FB & Insta I called hubby I woke him up no clue he had fallen asleep watching TV. We watched I had to lol the next door nosy AF neighbors across the street they live right next door to the woman screaming. She comes out I hear her ask “Are you okay” something like that anyways the cops told her to get her skinny blonde nosey ass back into her house that was priceless. Now the house next door to us they are friends via the kids I heard the cops ask her if she knew of anyone who could come to help her. A few minutes she gets those neighbors to help & was escorted back into her home.

I have no clue WTF happened odd that it was two state troopers & not the city of Miami cops. I am not sure & will never know if some harm came to her husband or if she was having a metal breakdown shit maybe it was both. During the weekend I have seen many cars come & go no sign of her husband at least not that I have seen. It’s not like I sit by the window 24/7 if I do see the husband at least I know he is not dead when I see how close his little girl is to him it brings a smile to my face. I was also such a daddy’s girl when I was her age I think they have two maybe three kids. Their kids play with the kids next door to us when we were in lockdown they would play outside riding their bikes just having fun just being kids with no problems.
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