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December 2014
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27Another Long DAY!
30Here's To Pretending....
Toys for Tots
December 16, 2014

Happy Hanukkah ... Love Annie Smile

After one of our dog walks this afternoon, we ran into Walgreens to get a few things I forgot yesterday. This Walgreens has a Toys for Tots box by the exit door, so we went ahead and purchased a few toys for the children. I am not crazy about the fact that the box is so close to the exit door anyways we give to this organization every year.

I am exhausted & my body is screaming at me the biofreeze is helping me with some of my aches & pains. Soon hubs will be on vacay for 2 whole weeks awesome sauce one thing we have on the house to do list is TRY to get D-Man moved into the other bedroom, or die trying. He has so much stuff I swear it sucks that he has begun to hoard crap again meh he was doing great. He is working hard on getting back on track oh sweet universe it was horrid years ago. I swear you could of buried a body in all his crap & not find it for years. Dr. B has helped him out meh I am not sure why he has taken steps backwards on this, but we really need him moved out to the other bedroom. We do not want to wait until we are ready for the construction to start up here...snap there are still so many steps to deal with all good I am not stressing it. I refuse to we will cross the construction bridge when it comes.

We caught up on The Haunted as we ate a very late lunch, we cared for our pets, and D-Man washed all the dishes very sweet of him really appreciate his help. I have been relaxing caught up on Fake Off & some other of my shows. I think I will read my book till hubs gets home & continue to chill.
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