Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
December 2014
3Loves Greyhounds
5In No Mood
8Yule Shopping & Other Stuff
10All Work Very Little Play
12Busy Friday
13Paying It Forward Again Today
16Toys for Tots
17Snapped Right Off!
18Twas the Night before Yuletide ☽○☾
19Saw This As I Was Driving Yesterday:
20Chilling On This Here Saturday
21Happy Winter Solstice
24Happy Christmas Eve/Feliz Noche Buena
26Another Holiday Season
27Another Long DAY!
30Here's To Pretending....
Yule Shopping & Other Stuff
December 8, 2014

Did some shopping today for Yule gifts with D-man we may be missing 1 or 2 peeps. On-line shopping is the way to go beats dealing with people:)

I had a productive kinda day .... took the day to clean up especially my desk I really hate it when it looks like a hurricane came through bothers me. It looks great now little things in life man lol

Thanks you HULU I am all caught up on Sleepy Hollow I had it on the DVR but one of the episodes was interrupted with a news bulletin. It be one crazy world out there I really do not want to get into that on here.

Checked Cigna again FINALLY they are filling my prescription wait time so far 8 days so far CIGNA FUBAR as per usual. I am not out of the med but soon will be, so again hoping Cigna gets it delivered before I do run out.

I have the TV on no volume... I look over and I see this dude in a suit trying to get eaten alive by an anaconda FAILED IT! Dude that snake is smarter than you are *rolls eyes* .... How do some peeps come up with these kinds of ideas.

I start typing again & hubs comes in to tell me dinner is almost ready again I look over to the TV & see people dressed up in animal costumes. Looked like a wedding oh hell whatever floats your boat man party on.

I am still going through things around the house since eventually we are going to have to rent a storage unit. It will be as if we are moving out everything must go. I am taking this opportunity to throw out or donate stuff. I have been throwing stuff out way more than donating I refuse to donate crap. Getting rid of so much clutter is freeing.

I still have a few things to get to but they are gonna wait my body is telling me enough already. OK so dinner & rest is on the agenda hubs is working um so cuddles are limited tonight boo. He has deadlines that need to get done. He is stressed out big time soon a 2 week vacay is coming and he can rest up. He better or I will make him get his R&R not that he rolls that way. Hubs has to be doing something no matter what kinda reminds me of my dad & mom Grace.

I ordered the Biofreeze today this stuff is awesome. A few weeks ago while waiting for Dr. W (she had a huge bottle out) they use it on us after our PT. D-man looked it up & they sell it on Amazon.It is a wee stronger than Icy Hot & does not smell like Icy Hot. Glad we are able to buy some & have it here for those days are pain is horrid.

We have a new potential client tomorrow meh late afternoon consult not looking forward to the damn traffic.

It was another nice day here we are supposed to be getting 2 low cold fronts.

Yeah bbbbrrrrrrr :0

I needs my sleep.
Peace Out!

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