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May 2014
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"ME" Friday
May 30, 2014

I did enjoy the peace and quiet today up until 4ish when Dan got back and an hour or so later hubs. I was up early first hubs went off to work then Dan had to leave to get to the testing. He will not know the results of the tests till Wednesday. We hope they can help him with the govt. vocational thing he is looking into.

Oh the peace and quiet was awesome I chilled out with Moca she is still here till Sunday & my girl Julie. No other clients to worry about today sweet. I meditated myself into a deep sleep this morning so relaxing mentally and physically. I woke up had a delicious brunch caught up on some of my TV shows. Goofed off on line and did some reading oh the peace and quiet was amazing.

Dan posted up on his FB what happen when he was on his lunch break today on his FB saves me the trouble of typing it all out lol:

Snagged it from his FB Status:

"At the doctor's office today up in Hollywood, there was an older woman who had lost her way. She seemed to have the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. It was sad but in the end we managed to get her daughter on the phone and we managed to get her home. She was so sweet and kind. I hope she is okay and that she will continue to be in good hands. What was fucking adorable beyond all hell is that she was hitting on me a bit. It was like "oh you're so handsome!" and "I bet you get a lot of attention from women young man!" So fucking cute. And then at the end of everything, when she was leaving with her nurse, she gave me a soft and respectful kiss on the cheek. I gave her a hug. Her name is Sylvia."

This afternoon Sylvia had many angels looking out for her blessed be she made it home safe. I am so proud that my son was among those angles.

Dinner and The Heat play them fools again tonight.....I will cheer on the Heat no matter what happens in tonight's game.

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