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May 2014
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Started Today
May 7, 2014

Dan his new job......


They did work with him with his disabilities they were great. Dan was explained exactly what was needed and he being stubborn took the position. I am proud of him for trying give him his props, but the fibro won today and he could not finish the entire day. He came home in so much pain my heart dropped .... he has been in a very dark place (not getting into details) he has a habit of being his own worse enemy. He jumped on the first thing that he was given now there might be a chance for him to stay but not out in the field. The dude who was training him today was very pleased with Dan and he was the one who told Dan to call tomorrow to see about the office positions.

We have done a lot of talking and repairing our relationship from the fall out we had. We are in a good place now thank the universe. I told him he can come back to work with me if things do not work out at this place as long as he keeps looking for another job.

He is looking into this government vocational rehab they help people with disabilities find a job and even with getting them out if they choose to go back to work. He does not want to get on disability he actually told me he wants to head back to school.

I support him as always blessed be.

When he applied to this job the paperwork there is one from homeland security. Now I get why so many of his transgender friends have so much trouble getting a job. Dan lucked out with this company anyways.....

The paperwork asks you if you have ever changed your name no problem if your not a transgender person. Any narrow minded asshole can now see if you are transgender and this opens the doors for these dicks not to hire you. This might be another issue for Dan as he continues to look for a job if the one he "has" does not want him any longer.

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