Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
April 2014
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2A Memory Flash
3I am a Fighter & I am Blessed.
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11Migraines From Hell
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28How Sweet It Is
30All About The Numbers
April 10, 2014

A "normal" person would knock wait maybe knock again. If no one is home or wants to answer the damn door ya leave a note if it is important.

I had a client drop off her greyhound they had a death in the family. A while later I get a knock on the door it was around 8pm (hubs is working late) I was headed out to take the dogs out to the yard, so I ignored the first knock and the second lol I was not gonna get the door. I did think what if it was my client as I walk to the front door I hear a woman yell "HELLO! HELLO!" Knocks harder. It was NOT my client so I am who the fuck is this so I wait a few minutes.

I was hoping she would FUCKING LEAVE up until I hear her scream my name and that I have her package?????


I open the door with a frustrated "WHAT? WHAT?" She yells how I signed for her package, how she knows I have it, and that I stole it. She yelled at me how she was going to call the police. My response "Go ahead I have NOTHING to hide." She backed off a little.

I told her I do not steal or sign for any ones packages. She asks me my name are you __ I did not want to tell her a damn thing. I did not respond to her when she first asked. I told her that the last time the UPS man wanted me to sign for a neighbors package I refused. She produces a piece of paper (indeed with my signature on it) and yells "NOT UPS.....USPS."

CLICK! went my mind...... I told her OHHHHHH!!!!!!! On April 1 I did get a notification that I had a package waiting for me at the post office, and I found it odd since I have not ordered anything on line in a very long time. That I did go to the post office and signed the slip of paper. She had a piece a paper a photo copy of the slip I signed. I told her that I opened the box (I was with Dan) in the post office only to see some idiot mailed me a damn sponge.

Her body language changes as if a balloon was poked and the air released. She turned around walked away angry saying something about lodging a complaint.

Whatever bitch just know this if I ever see your ugly ass on my property again I will be the one calling the cops have you arrested for trespassing and harassment.

I HATE ASSHOLE PEOPLE!!!! The package was from E Bay from a company that does NOT exist we tried to Google it. I figured it was a joke while Dan told me it smells of a scam. We checked the credit cards/debit cards etc... no red flags. If it is HER package then HOW THE FUCK DID MY NAME?ADDY END UP IN THIS MESS?

So this bitch got ripped off I can not say I feel too bad for her. I am pissed this shit landed on my door. HOW I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE! FUCK THE USPS FOR GIVING CRAZY BITCH MY NAME AND HOME ADDRESS!!!!

If I ever win the fucking lotto I am so buying an island to get away from ASSHOLES!!!! LOL
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