Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
March 2014
1I Steals Another Idea:
2Slacking Off Sunday!
3Drags Booty
7After The Storms
8Cool Outside
10Mother Fucker/Urgent Care
11Just Another Tuesday
13Mira Que Lindo
15Poof! Gone!
17It's His Birthday Today!
18Will Be Seeing Ya Maybe.
21This Morning Sucked....My Men Rock!
23This Reminded Me Of:
24R.I.P Merlin
25Glad It Was A Long Day
26Another Long Day
28Never Forget 4/20
30Nice Day
31Haircut and Some Shopping
Will Be Seeing Ya Maybe.
March 18, 2014

Pickles has done so well in crate training that we no longer will have her here it seems. Her humans wanted us to go for a midday potty break, but that is up in the air the humans tell me they can not afford our price. I already gave them a break when we cared for their other dog and cat plus a break with Pickles I feel we have gone the distance. Our price stands as is I can bend no more, and to be honest I need the money as well last I checked I am not loaded.

We will miss Pickles being here everyday she is a doll and a sweetie pie. We hope to maybe pet sit for them in the future anyways ..... Is what it is with this business pets come and go and ya keep on moving on.

Live Long & Wag that tail sweet Pickles.


Danno had a nice BD yesterday we still want to take him out to dinner to celebrate as a family this weekend. Yesterday we grabbed a quick lunch between clients & caught up on Ghost Adventures.

Today we had lunch again together and did more Ghost Adventures catching up. I love spending QT with my son.

It has turned out to be a beauty of a day after such a fugly morning early afternoon. I am glad for the clouds/winds helped with the dog walks now it is sunny and 80 out there lol glad to be home chilling inside.

I still have not made the appointments with the doctors as i had planned typical of me lol I will eventually get to it. I just hate really hate going to any damn doctor meh I may have to add the damn dentist as well FML!

Julie needs a trip to the vet but I am waiting for hubs to be on vacay since my back is whacked out right now just in case I need his help getting her inside the car. Last time when I took her with Danno she jumped right in but with what seems to be going on with her back/hips right now um I do not know if she will jump up. Merlin is hanging in there still but he is beginning to look sick like real sick.

OK ..... I really hate when I am not expecting anyone and some fool knocks on my door. I usually ignore it not like they are here to give me money lol.

I am outties gonna chill.

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