Where's My Pie? by Mystic Angel
June 2013
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4White Hot Baby!
6Tonight GO HEAT!
7Get it Together
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25Bye Ficus
June 3, 2013

First Ho Bag:

We are walking three dogs one of which does not get along with big dogs & well kinda ok with smaller daogs.
One has a bad leg and the other has heart issues.
All three belong to one of our clients.

As we are walking them I notice a woman with her dog BTW off lead (we have a lead law) her dog is a french bulldog.
We quickly make a U-turn and walk the other way well the next thing her dog comes running up to the dogs we are walking. His energy was playful but he made two of the three dogs uncomfortable. I take control and step between the dogs we are walking (Dan had two he took care of them) and I placed my foot out to stop the other dog from charging us yet again.

The Ho bag catches up and I tell her in a calm voice to take her dog away from ours.
She responded in a semi-nasty way.
"There is no need for you to do that."
I responded:
"There is a lead law learn it."
Well she went off on us cussing up a storm I just grabbed the dogs and told Dan to keep on walking.
She continues dropping Fuck you bombs etc....
She was holding the lead in her right hand. Dan noticed her knuckles get white and her body slowly turning to hit him.
He started insulting her here. As he reached to grab his phone she backed away.
I was ready to help out Dan and kick her ass if I had to.
We figured she may have thought Dan was going for a weapon.
She went into her building.
Low class ho bag.

We went home like WTF/Whatever.


2nd Ho Bag:

Now this negative bitch we came to find out is the property manager in the building where my client lives (same 3 dogs).
I sent him an email this is how I know oh he was beyond cool about what happened with his dogs & these crazy ass idiot ho bags.

We get the dogs out for their am walks.
They are waiting like the champs to potty. We take them out exiting so close out of the building when Ho Bag #2 gives Dan & me attitude and get this .....
She demanded in a RUDE ass manner that we clean up the dog urine. OK how the fuck do you clean up dog urine bitch was what I was thinking. PUTA!
Dan handled her rude ho bag ass like a champ.
We walked on out and continued with the dogs walks. In the area we walk them the gym faces out to the alley, and that bitch had the nerve to continue like a bully trying to intimidate us. I stared her ass down made her walk away oh I did see the dude who cleans in the building. I apologized to him about the dog peeing and asked him if he did not mind cleaning it up. He was very cool and told me no problem that he would take care of it. I know damn well what it is to clean up after people I used to do it many years ago. My first job at 15 was cleaning up apartments, house, and offices.
On our way out she was talking to another tenant here I spoke loud enough for her to hear me.
"When he gets back from his vacation I am going to report her rude behavior."
I saw her stop talking and look up. We continue to walk out the building as we did we hear.
I whisper to Dan to ignore her ass and keep on a walking/talking.
At this point to be honest both of us were pissed the fuck off. I know my temper and wow I know I kept it in check because I am there representing my company, but if not I would of eaten that puta alive.
She followed us out for a wee bit then gave up. We could feel her negative vile energy man we did a blessing this morning since we had to go back again.
She was there but did not do a damn thing.
Another low class puta ho bag.


Good news here:
Today was our last visit to that building.
Our client knows that both these putas are idiots.
Our client is moving to a new place soon.
We still have him and his sweet dogs as clients.


Like do we have a fucking sign that says please be fucking rude to us.

As I have said many many many times:


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