The Other Side Of Life... by Miss MM
May 2022
May 12, 2022

The ultrasound was awful. Two techs, probing for over 30 minutes, they took so many pictures. And (TMI warning) it was humiliating for me, I bled everywhere and was just a teary mess about it all. Of course, I was reassured over and over that it is all normal and part of their jobs, but it wasn't part of my life at all. I finally just blurted out "I know you can't say anything but can you see anything in there?" The senior tech said they couldn't see much, but she thought I needed an MRI.

When it was all over I shook and shook and went to my car in the parking garage and cried and cried and cried.

I did see some information on my patient portal and it said there were no masses seen, but that my endometrium was overly thick and that they could not visualize my ovaries. No other news over the weekend. My primary doctor called me on Tuesday and let me know what it all said and that the call the next day with the specialist may have more information. She also asked that I get a recheck on my labs so I went and got blood drawn again on Tuesday.

My doctor called me again on Wednesday to go over the bloodwork, which there were some slight changes, but nothing dramatic. The specialist had sent me some messages and said a phone visit wasn't enough and scheduled me for an office visit on May 20. Then she upgraded that to an endometrial biopsy. So now I have that to look forward to. I am going to try to stay as calm as possible until then.

This is week 7 of bleeding, it isn't as heavy as it had been, but definitely just the same amount of cramping and aches.

Wah wah wah! I did speak with my girls about it all, I know they are worried, but I needed to tell them. It felt so strange not saying anything to them about it all.

I am so tired. Anemia is kicking my behind and worry and depression are making me want to get into bed and not come out for a long, long time.
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