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Too Much
January 14, 2022

Christmas was really nice. We had a family zoom call on Christmas Eve, after that was over I had a call with just my 2 sisters, even better. They were together for the holiday (living in separate states right now) so that made me happy.

Christmas Day was really nice. Just quiet for the most part. Everyone loved their gifts, as did I. I made a quiche and then just all kinds of snacks and the big dinner. I was glad for the longer weekend.

New Years, also quiet but just about perfect.

January 6th was the 2 year anniversary of my mother passing. That was a bit rough for me this year. My one sister somehow made the entire day about her and her new boyfriend, she barely mentioned my mother. She is back in the land of everything revolving around her. I think a lot of the time that is how she deals with her pain and grief. It was a little over the top this time and I felt annoyed. Luckily that level of annoyance is easier to hide in text as opposed to being on the phone or in person.

Wednesday my little kitty passed away. We knew it was coming, she was almost 15 and was literally skin and bones. She was barely eating, wasn't going outside, could barely walk the last couple of days. When my husband found her, he brought her to me and I held her and cried and cried and cried. I couldn't stop myself. She was wrapped in a towel and still a little warm. It was so incredibly sad. We had watched her be born all those years ago. She was so smart and gentle. She loved my mother and stayed with her in my mom's last days. She wouldn't leave my mom's bed except to potty. When my mom finally passed she took off out the door and was gone for three days.

Yesterday would have been my mother's 82nd birthday. I am so emotional lately, and a bit sentimental, I never used to be like this. I guess it can happen with age or with all these events coming so quickly. I feel overwhelmed at times and just wish I had someone to talk to about it all.

At this exact moment I am so tired, so schemotional, I really just want to lay on the sofa and nap, but I am on the clock so I suppose that isn't really in the picture for today.

I am lonely.
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