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January 2018
6Today wasn't bad and remembering a sleeping pill hallucination
Today wasn't bad and remembering a sleeping pill hallucination
January 6, 2018

Today wasn't such a bad day. I actually woke up a little bit on the groggy side thanks to the sleeping pill I took. I used to take the generic version of Ambian, weird thing about that one was, when I took a muscle relaxer with it, I'd end up hallucinating.

The first one was a little bit funny, it was more like a dream than a hallucination. I mean I know the difference between them, you know.

Rhesus monkeys playing on a deck, behind my house. A whole group, like five or six of them; swinging around on the struts, yapping and all like monkeys might do.

It was perhaps two am, I remember waking up just a little, like twilight sleep, the sort surgeons put you into when they do something like a day surgery. I looked out of the bedroom window and saw those damn monkeys. It was really funny, well at first anyway.

After about a total of six hallucinations, when I took those sleeping pills, I had to quit taking them. It wasn't as if the hallucinations were freaky or whatever, it was just too weird for me. That was about four years ago, I haven't taken those particular sleeping pills since.

When I have too much stress or my brain is a bit on the over-active side, at night, I feel I need to take a pill or whatever. My wife has some sleeping pills, they're pretty weak, all they do is relax the brain, then the body and then you fall asleep. No hallucinations from these pills though.
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