Candy's Journey by Candyrain76
July 2021
19Fate ? / Thin Line ...
Fate ? / Thin Line ...
July 19, 2021

I was writing in one of my Note Books about how things in my life just seemed 'Meant To Be'. Maybe my Fate had been already sealed and was destined to be.


Recalling when I was 14 years old sitting in the back of my parents car peering out the window. Seeing a guy playing football but never seeing his face. And thinking to myself that I was going to meet him one day and that he and I would end up marrying each other.

Why did that enter my mind like that ? I didn't know him, didn't see his face, and it couldn't of been but less than a minute passed before the red light changed that this thought ran through my mind.

That was just simply insane of me. Or was it ?

Because I did meet him just a month later at a pool. And when I seen him I knew it was the same guy I had seen before with those crazy thoughts swirling around my head .

Totally insane, right ?

Out of all three of us girls and the three guys what were the chances of this particular guy picking me to be the one to talk to. I never initiated any conversation with him. He came onto me.

From boy-friend, girlfriend, break ups to make ups and high school sweet hearts, the journey had already began.

Was it meant to be ?

His parents were in the military and they left for Germany for 3 long years. We wrote until the words in the letters began to fade away, until they stopped going and coming.

What were the chances of ever seeing him again ?

Three years later they moved back into the same ole house. And the journey continued.

By the way we did get married, and just as fate had its way, we broke up and made up until we finally broke away.

But my charted course never ended there. As I sunk deep into this horrible choice letting fate take me straight through hell and back. To endure the sweet side of passion that ended up turning into heart ache, pain and misery !

Was it Fate that led me through this journey ? Was my life simply destined to happen this way. I did have choices right?

Guess its true that there really is a Thin Line Between Love And Hate !

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