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May 2021
17Can't wait till 65 , no one ever said.
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25Check with your neighbors !
Check with your neighbors !
May 25, 2021

I am definitely not trying to get into a negative vibe today. But seems the forces are trying to pluck my last nerve. All because of my experience I had with a neighbor next door.

Here's the story;

It was beginning to look like Christmas around here with a bit of snow on the ground. I was even in an exceptionally great Christmas mood, which is rare for me. I was dancing around the house while decorating the tree and I even decorated the house outside of my home with Christmas lights. I turned the music up of my choice which did not include any Christmas songs. Since I can remember I have always hated listening to Christmas music. Kind of reminded me of death. It took me years to figure out why. As it always seemed when my parents and I headed south from Northern Virginia we were always going to someones funeral or visiting them in the hospital. Guess we were not like most families taking trips to a family reunion.

Today reminded me of that rare day. Actually it was just right after Christmas day when I received a phone call from my daughter'n law.

On the other end of the phone my daughter n law was asking me how I liked the Christmas packages she sent as she had not heard a word from us. We always called those who sent us gifts or cards through the mail, thanking them. I informed her that we had not received any packages from her. She replied that she had sent them out a week before Christmas and here it was the second week of January.

Long story short my neighbor from next door had my Christmas packages and had never showed the common courtesy to bring them over. As a matter of fact I had went over next door trying to get my packages from my neighbors wondering why they never came over to give us our packages to us in the first place. All sorts of things were running through my head. As each time I knocked on the door the lady of the house always told me an excuse. Telling me they are in her garage and that her husband had to get them. I was becoming furious as I made several attempts. Being told that her husband had them in his car had me raising my voice at the lady. "Why does your husband have my packages in his car?!"
Finally I was able to get my packages as her husband handed me a box that was opened exposing all the wrapped Christmas gifts inside. I stood there and looked up at him asking him; "Why was this box opened?" His reply was simply that he didn't know.

So today I was looking through my email as I have been looking for a package that was already suppose to have arrived yesterday. Sure enough there was an email saying that my package arrived yesterday !

Excuse me, no the hell it did not arrive. Not at my house it didn't !

I jumped up and walked my ass right over next door and began knocking on the door of my next door neighbor. No one answered the door. I turned around and seen the car parked in the driveway and my blood began to boil.

'Oh we're not playing this game !" I said aloud. And stomped my ass back over to my house making phone calls. To be told wait until after 9pm and if it hasn't arrived get back with us. And they ended the note saying. Check with your neighbors

Yeah right !

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