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October 2020
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9The Webs I Weaved / Pt 1
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15The Webs I Weaved / pt 5
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The Webs I Weaved / pt 5
October 15, 2020

I couldn't wait to graduate and I ended up moving out of my parents house and shared an apartment with a co-worker of mine. I had been working for a well known record company in Springfield Virginia Known as The Handleman Company.

I even had the opportunity to meet with DJ's from different radio stations in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area. I was on a panel that would decide which songs the radio stations would promote to become a possible hit.

I recall it being very late and the last one brought to the table was the album called 'Maze' We listened to demo tapes of short clips of each song that was on that album and now it was up to us to decide if this album was ready to break.

Disco music still hadn't faded out from the club scene at that time. I remember K.C. and The Sunshine Band and Donna Summer among many other upbeat songs that DJ's were spinning at the clubs.

And now this demo tape was presented to us with a more smooth and slow pace. I immediately after listening to it loved this. And of course I would because I loved slow songs. But I voted against it.

Everyone looked at me. "What! your not serious are you? This is the shit right here!"

I explained that its not the right time to bring this album out. It will drop right off the charts. As a matter of fact I told them that there would be so many returns.

Well they didn't listen to me. Just about every single album came back. You should of seen the stacks of maze albums that came back from K-mart, and all those record stores where we sent them out by the boxes. All those radio stations were trying to promote the hell out of that Maze album without success.

I tried to tell them but they wouldn't listen. And it wasn't until years later when the new Maze album came out featuring Frankie Beverly that it became a success.

I guess my mother was right. Its who you know in this world. That's what gave me the opportunity to to meet the DJs and be on the panel of judges. Working for a record company I guess had its perks. Such as having your boss as a room mate back in the day. And I laugh here once again at myself.

Of course here goes those tears again as my boss eventually had to make his way back home to Cincinnati Ohio. With promise to come back to me. And in those days I never believed anything a guy ever promised me. And I told him so too.

He left me sitting at the dinning room table of our apartment with this one damn 8 track song that I grew to hate every time I heard it. One of his favorites besides the song The Pretender. After seeing him walk out the door for what I thought was the last time I'd ever see him again. I had the nerve to play the damn song.

And after 20 minutes passed here he comes again walking back through the door. And I was like Oh my god do I have to do this all over again.

I hate goodbyes, and I never believed him when he said he was going to be coming back for me. Even after all those letters he sent to me.

But one day out of the blue he called my mothers house looking for me. He told my mother he was coming back to marry me. what pissed me off was that I never got a chance to talk to him ever again. As my mother told him that I had already married. I asked my mother what he said. And she told me that he said this, his exact words that I still recall this day.

"Damn ! I knew I shouldn't of left. I meet someone that I felt we belonged together. Oh well its just my luck I guess."

R.I.P. Samuel Pernett

To be continued

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