Candy's Journey by Candyrain76
October 2020
8The End Of The Story
9The Webs I Weaved / Pt 1
12The Webs I Weaved / Pt 2
13The Webs I Weaved / Pt 3
14The Webs I Weaved / Pt 4
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28Locked, Loaded & Ready
The Webs I Weaved / Pt 4
October 14, 2020

Growing up in a neighborhood where you couldn't even hang out with the friends you went to school with sucked. All because I dated out of my race. Throughout my life I always got asked this one damn question; "Have you ever dated a white guy?" It really offended me in a certain since of the way. I was like what kind of question is that. Of course I have dated white guys. That question used to piss me off as it does today. And living in the south even today I have always been asked that same very question when they seen me with Vic. I was like B!tch I been with Vic for 30 some years get over your damn racist self !

I think it horrible to hate people just because of of WHO they are. For the most part I was raised not to hate anybody. Too bad my parents couldn't live by the same.

I know I put them through immortal hell. But in time they adjusted just fine. It just took a while. They were brought up differently back in there own time. But time doesn't stand still it moves forward.

I recall the day that I heard my teachers talking among themselves. It was Martin Luther Kings Day and I over heard them saying they were going to excuse all people of color but not the whites.

Oh I went the fuck off. I went around all that morning telling what I heard the teachers saying and I almost created the biggest riot ever in school. I was called to the office and my parents were awaiting to haul my ass back home before I created anymore chaos than I had already created.
I was expelled from school for the rest of the week. As they had to gather all students in the auditorium to calm everybody down.

Imagine that sh!t !

Yes I admit I put my parents through hell.

I never looked upon myself as being a wild child though. At least I wasn't a runaway, a drug addict, Didn't get pregnant and certainly I did not sleep around or thought of as a slut. And I didn't quit school (I'm sure they wished I had though) My Principal Mr. Mc Cormack my have got tired of seeing me in his office for skipping classes in 9th grade for three months. However I went to school every single day.

I have to laugh here, as I am sure I would still be considered a bad teenager growing up in the 70's. That time period was really laid back more than you can say about today's times.

Staying out late watching the sunrise just hanging out having fun. No worries as everybody was everybody and everything was just simply everything.

After I graduated it was a whole world out there that I wanted to discover. But I think it was more or less they discovered me !

Yeah okay ... I know what your thinking. And I laugh at myself again here

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