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October 2020
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9The Webs I Weaved / Pt 1
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The Webs I Weaved / Pt 3
October 13, 2020

Both sides of my parents resided in a small quaint little town in the western part of North Carolina. It was so small that it was not even printed on a map until around the 70s. As I recall my dad saying aloud; "Well I be god damn ! They finally put Lenoir on the map!" Of course back then I wasn't interested if they put it on the map or not. I hated the place. The very place I reside at today. But I will get to that later.

Both sides of my great grand parents and grand-parents resided around the area for years and years. Neither side was wealthy or known to be labeled middle class. Back in those days they barely survived making a living working in furniture factories, selling homegrown produce, down to running moonshine ! I sat with my eyes widened as my mother spoke about how her and her daddy ran moonshine up through Tennessee and back down North Carolina in her day.

"We had to, she said. We didn't have any money. I was working in sandwich shop part time. I had to quit school to take care of my sisters after my mother left us. And I made the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town !"

I sat there in shocked hearing her stories about how hard it was for her growing up and all the hard times she went through and the things she had to give up.

"And that's why I have worked my ass off to get where I have today. She added. As I grew up with nothing and I made sure that I would never do without again ever in my life."

And she didn't go without.

But somehow I found it odd when I was offered my very first job to work at an all girl gas station. I thought it would be fun plus I hadn't turned the legal age to have a work permit. But I was hired anyway. So I ran home telling my mother that I got a job.

"I'm not having my daughter work at no gas station pumping gas. Now that is all there is to it!" she screamed.

I actually felt hurt because I thought she would be proud of me getting a job. I mean she was horrified and wouldn't speak to me all that day.

As always my dad came to my side assuring me that I didn't have to go to work. That if I wanted something he'd make sure that I got it one way or another. But I wanted to make my own money. I wanted to work. Plus I thought it would be fun working at an all girl gas station with my girlfriend.

Eventually my mother agreed. Only because my dad talked her into it. "She won't work there too long. Its just for the summer." He assured my mother.

At 14 I learned not only to pump gas but I learned to check the oil, and do oil changes. I even hung around the guys who worked in the shop and learned the parts of a car. And became good at detecting the problem by listening to the sounds a car made before the mechanic even looked at it.

Guess I sounded just like my mother when she was telling me about making those famous grill cheese sandwiches she made.
I have to laugh about it now.

And when summer was over school had began.

Speaking of school I will never forget the day I almost started a riot. Imagine quite reserved little ole me doing something like that !

To be continued

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