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October 2020
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9The Webs I Weaved / Pt 1
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The Webs I Weaved / Pt 1
October 9, 2020

I had just separated for the first time from my husband back in 1979. I was actually 3 months pregnant at the time. I had a really great outlook on life back in the day. With the strong 'I am woman attitude'. I didn't need to have a man in my life to have a baby. And I certainly didn't need a man who couldn't accept the fact that I had become pregnant.

"YOU ! you ruined our relationship !" My husband yelled.

You see when your a couple who partied, drank and smoked weed together you can't be trying to have any babies. Truth is I became pregnant when I was on the pill. So it wasn't planned. I must have forgotten to take the daily regiment as prescribed. All hell broke loose.
"If you have that baby we are done !" He threatened. And that is the worst thing anyone can do is to threaten you with something. Especially me.

As much as I am a firm believer in women having the rights over there own bodies, to choose to abort or not. I didn't believe in having an abortion personally my self. But that is just me and my own personal belief.

"Cliff ! your daughter just came back home and shes pregnant!" My mother yelled into the house as her and I sat at the kitchen table talking about what was up with me.

Oh how I remember those round table meetings living at home with my mom and dad. You were always guaranteed to get indigestion before dinner was through.

It was no surprise just how dysfunctional as a family we really were. My mother and father knew how to put on a show for the whole neighborhood. It was like break out the lawn chairs and have a seat. This shits gonna get real good.

And me I ended up being the star attraction. As all the mothers and fathers gave strict orders to their kids to no longer associate with me. Because I dated a black guy.

I was an embarrassment to my parents. And now that I had came back home pregnant as I married my high school sweet heart and him black. Now they looked at me like. Oh shit shes going to be having a black baby. That's all my mother thought about.

"Oh your going to have to get rid of it." and when my own mother who never would of dreamed of women having abortions she sure felt it was the right thing for me to do.

"You can't have that baby, its going to be black as an ace of spades!"

You see my mother and father grew up right here in Len wha N.C. (as I call it) right here where I am living at now.
And back in the 70's with all the integration, busing issues and oh not to forget the town of Alexandria where today we can all "Remember The Titans" but I was there and the movie painted a much different picture for all to see. I know how it all went down.

But anyway the struggle was all too real, gay rights, black and whites in the same schools, women's rights and so on.
I lived it and I know the REAL story as it all went down.
Pretty much like it is today. Some things do in fact come back around hitting you in the face of it all.

We may have had ran with that slogan on that famous pack of cigarettes Virginia Slims that said;
"We've came a long way baby"

Have we ?

So there I was living back at home in the midst of everything that was going on. And I added to the issues that were going on back then. And I brought it home. My parents were going crazy over all of it.

"Why did you bring your 'N'r shit here ?"

Oh how cruel could a mom and dad be to their own daughter who was going through a rough time and pregnant too !

To be continued

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