The True Adventures of Jack Tonight by Jack Tonight
September 2022
27Raw Sex Data
Raw Sex Data
September 27, 2022

I fucked 27 girls.
I fucked 3 of those girls in the ass, too.

4 girls just swallowed my come and sent me on my way.

15 girls swallowed my come, total. And 2 guys.
9 other girls sucked my cock, but didn't swallow my come. 1 man did that. 2 girls spit it out!

I had 2 MFM 3-ways with 2 different girls. Same guy, oddly enough. He and I didn't play. I licked and played with 3 or 4 other cocks, but never swallowed come or got fucked.

Three girls, I just ate 'em out. One girl, I just jerked off on. 4 girls, I just sucked on their tits as a teen.

Special Achievements:

One girl swallowed my come in a moving car twice - once while I was driving, and once while we were in the back seat (behind her parents, at night). She also stopped by my place and sucked me off once on her way to a date. We fucked in the shower once while she was having her period, the blood ran down our legs. We fucked in my childhood bed, we fucked on my dad's chair. We fucked once while we were both seeing other people - Well, we ate each other out - she swallowed my come that day, too.

One girl fucked me twice outside - on a roof at night, and a mountaintop in the day. I got blown on a roof once, too - another girl.

One trans woman sucked me and jerked me off in a public bathroom. I ate and fucked one trans man at a rental hot tub.

I came in one man's mouth in a glory hole. I jerked half a dozen dicks off in glory holes.

I fucked one girl in the middle of a room full of people, under a cover, while we all watched TV. No one knew.

I tied up 3 girls at different times and fucked them, I fucked four girls in various tubs or showers.

One girl swallowed my come while she was blindfolded - and I was smoking. I LOVED that.

Master List:

They just sucked my cock and swallowed my Come:
b - Beth the Sister ***
n - Sharon his First Gal ***
p - Karen the Cook ***
n - Jennifer down the Hall on 2 ***
p - Paul down the hall ***
n - Gary in the Hole ***

We fucked, we sucked, I fucked their ass:
b - Carla who was married -- a **
n - Lindy who liked truckers - a *
b - Marla who had many names -- a,s

We fucked and sucked, they swallowed:
p - Dionne the Freshman -- yy ** (On Mary, On Jim)
p - Terry the roomie's girl - 3 * (and a 3way!)
p - Ruby Clark - t * (and a tit-fuck!)
n - Liz Wan - * (that pro bit me!)
p - Dr. Foamy - * (the great dowsing BJ)
p - The Late Lifter - * (the rub down and up)
b - Sara who I cheated with - * (deep, and sweater)
p - The Nurse - * (Martini tits)

We fucked, and had some other fun
p - My best friends girl - y \ (she put her hand on my arm)
p - Lennon's night - \ (she blew me while I stood, skinny)
b - My roomie N - \ (went down on me in the kitchen)
b - Dugs Girls Roomie - \ (I wore boa, she wore vest)

We fucked, I ate at the Y
p - RIP TV Star - y
p - The Red Chagrin - y (she came to me)
p - My own first - yy (better in the hotel, drivein)
b - First Dog -- y (perfect body)

We just fucked, basically:
b - Sue who offered - (called and begged me to come over)
p - Hurtz to remember - (not a good lay, but BEAUTIFUL)
n - She had a dream - (and a boyfriend)
n - I did great things to her tits -
p - My Best Friends Other Girl - (left by the window)
p - Didn't want the come - (but she got it)
p - fucked her face, better in the AM - (drunk but ready)
p - When Reagan was shot - (on the hotel bed)

We made out, and I came:
n - We watched Letterman c \ (jerked off on her tits)
n - I was in LA \ c (jerked me off on her tits)
d - he was brawny c (a guy in flannel I made come)
n - The Trans Woman c \ (sucked me with a condom)
n - Asian Market c \ (so smooth, and I jerked it myself)
d - Furniture guys house c \ (quick dick licks, jerked off)

I ate them out:
n - The swimmer y (after high school)
p - The black girl yyy (I ate her a LOT)
n - The special man y (a trans man with a pussy)

I just worshipped their tits, in school
p - My second girlf t
n - Musical Girl Frosh t
n - The Big sister t

Some memorable dicks:
d - J at the Journal \ We met here! I licked his balls
d - The younger brother \ sucked him some
d - He had two sisters \ sucked him just a little
d - Eddie Murphy \ a beautiful black man in a suit let me lick his dick in the booth

Some other memorable events:

The girl who was naked in the closet, and ran out screaming

The skinny BD Queen who pressed my hand to her tit

The ho I spied down the block, we went right in and did it.

A sweaty memorable young ho I didn't even come on, I just had a smoke and looked at her naked

The dancer with the pentagram on her chest

The Russian dancer with pierced nipples

The dancer on the beach who did that kind of work

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