The True Adventures of Jack Tonight by Jack Tonight
December 2008
1Breasts, Largest to Smallest
16Coming in his mouth, coming in her mouth
25Jack's Xmas Story
27Found Online
29Old School Jack
December 10, 2008

Hey guys, I just got back from an extended trip to the baths. Not in the room 15 minutes before a dark tall guy with an 8 inch cut cock comes in an asks if I have a rubber. I said no and bent over in front of him, I got the first load from him. Next was a young guy I invited in with a thick curved cock. I kept going on about how I thought that curve would feel until he showed me. Load two happily taken. The third guy was heavy set and had a thick cock that really pummeled my hole until he loaded me and left. I asked him to tell his friends and he couldn't believe I was serious. Soon his buddy showed up and shot my 4th and 5th into me. He had been told by his buddy what I liked.

So you kill some time and wait for the next guy. Finally two big dicked guys came in together and left the door open behind them. One dick was really long and the other really thick. They took turns in my ass until it was good and creamy then the line behind them started filing in. My favorites were the men that stood next to the guy fucking me before their turn and told them how to use me and fuck me harder. The praise given fuckers when they shot in me was gratifying in a sex tag team kind of way. I left the place and my final count was 14. No one put a rubber in me and we all left very satisfied.

Ever hit up the baths sluts? Tell about it!!

Jeremiah wrote:

Yeah, a couple of times I got lucky at the Flex in Atlanta. First time was during the summer, out on the old patio area. I was sunning in a chair, when a guy walked up and asked me to suck him off. I did just that, and drank a hot load from him. Then a couple of other guys walked up and I sucked them both off. But then a guy walked up and wanted to fuck me,,,so I raised up my legs and he slammed his cock right into me. Not wanting to get caught, he fucked me really fast and hard till he dumped his load.
The next time I got lucky was one night. I walked into a room with two other guys in there, and soon was bent over, with one dick up my ass and the other down my throat. When they got done, two more guys took their place. Soon there were a few more guys watching us. And I was double teamed 4 different times in the room that night. So far those two times were the hottest at the Flex.
Sure wish there were some other clubs where a guy can go to find cock, like the old SE Meat Company. That was a hot place most night.
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