Today is August 13, 2020
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All things work together for good
April 6, 2020

I used to be an early riser and always take pride that I'm always an hour early at work, but this pandemic has changed that I go to bed at one o'clock in the morning and read or watch something on my tablet, and finally going to sleep at two or half past. This morning I woke up at nearly 11:00 am, boy that's a record for me.

I felt that I just wasted the whole morning and that there's no way that I can get that back.
I'm determined to at least do yoga and pilates. Which I have and added Tabata and Zumba as well.

Cooked Korean fried chicken. I had a very late lunch at 4:00 pm. I am a man of a mission today so I cleaned the toilet and kitchen sink till they sparkle, water my indoor plants. Planted the potato and sow the tomato seeds. I sort out my food magazine clippings and cut out one of my Men's health magazine. That's one less clutter in my house.

Today I'm grateful for....

1. I have not touch a single drop of alcohol today.

2. No fap

3. Bed time prayer done and will do quiet time and read devotional after this.

I pray Lord that tomorrow will be much more productive than today. Somebody has said before that if we have not talk to God in a day then we just wasted that day. I'm glad I have not wasted today Lord.
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