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A Shamrock in Bloom ~ by Shamrock
May 2020
1A Family without you

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A Family without you
May 1, 2020

This morning I woke up wondering about my oldest brothers son who was given up for adoption when he was born. I had found him. I messaged him once and told him that if I was intruding and he would rather I not write to him I wouldn't , but he didn't say no.
I thought he should know his family history. Who is father and mother were, their health, their interests, anything.
So I told him about my oldest brother, his birth father. And his mom who is still my best friend, and more a sister to me.
About my other brother who was his namesake when he was born and that name moved to his middle name when he was adopted . His 2 half sisters that my brother had years later. About his grand parents and great grandparents . Uncles, aunts ( meðŸ'ž)... and that was all I wanted to do. I wanted him to know my father never forgot him.
I went on fb.
Saw his sons page first
And after seeing some posts, scrolled dow til there it was... my brothers son died december 1,2019. 5 months ago. He had cancer. 50 years old.
I never met him. Never got to know him
But I feel the loss. My brother, his father died of cancer 3 years ago in January . I wonder if they have met now. My brother was haunted by this son he never met his whole life. I hope they are together. They have so much in common. So much it was crazy.
God bless you joseph michael.'
This auntie loves you.
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