Today is June 12, 2021
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Entertain me by Christine
January 2013
1First entry...
2Books and a movie...
3Books and Netflix...
4Reading and watching...
5Just reading...
6Reading, Hobbit and magic...
7Very short entry
9One book is done
10The Time Traveler's Wife in The Lost Room
11Book and a movie
12Mindless TV
14Time traveling and Supernatural
15A book and a TV...
16Just a movie...
17Reading and the DVR
19Mindless TV
21Reading and TV
22Time Travel and The Taste
23Just Netflix
24Book, TV and a movie...
25Mindless TV
27A book, a DVR and the TV
28Mindless TV and hockey
29A Book and TV
31Another book done

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Entertain me
by Christine

The latest entry is March 11, 2021

My temporary escapes from reality... books, games, movies, music, tv shows, etc.

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