Today is November 29, 2021
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
August 2021

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by Miss Integrity

The latest entry is November 30, 2021

Sparkle And Shine. Word hoarding. Investing some emotional wellbeing into my life. And starting again.

In real life I'm barely heard. Hopefully I can create a completely positive world in writing. This is the new me. Committing to staying public. Not easy yet possible.

A time proven metaphor of filmmaking is using a weapon to intimate impending doom. This journal is ironic. And I want it to be a record of happier moments. That is all.

Quoted from movie dialogue: The Accountant.

● "Your people fucking amaze me. When you interrupt somebody like that, it makes them feel that you're just not interested in what they have to say. Or maybe you just think what you have to say is more important than what I have to say. Is that what you think?'

●"That gun ~ makes you a big man does it?"


●"Well, here's what it is : They don't like ya, they don't dislike ya. You're different. Sooner or later different scares people."

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