A Master's Musings by Master Gerry
October 2020
5Masters worshiping their slaves?...what?
9Quiet House (updated)
15Getting better...finally.
22Not Right
27Let's get on Fet, he said...
30I didn't marry *YOU*!
A Master's Musings
by Master Gerry

The latest entry is December 20, 2020

Musings on the Master/slave relationship, sex, popular culture, Irish affairs, animals, books and essays with a bit of craic thrown in.

I am a hopeful and positive activist who has lived a long life as a politician and a writer. I have lived a 24/7 Master/slave lifestyle for the past 23 years and have been involved in BDSM for 34 years. I am retired now, so I can let it all hang out...take that as you will.
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