Today is May 24, 2019
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Extreme Slavery: Owned, Collared and Loved by Whitey
February 2019
1Night Ramblings, and...
4The Dawn of Time
5Master Kevin
6Pain Med Punishment
7Bad Service Dog!
8Take Me
9Xander Entry 2
10Promises...Not Kept.
11Random Shit... Again...
12Punishment, and How I Got Xander
15Sometimes, I have regrets......
17Getting Branded Tonight!
19Branding over...YIKES!!!
21 I feel…
25A Little Anxious
27Well used...well satisfied.

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Extreme Slavery: Owned, Collared and Loved
by Whitey

The latest entry is April 6, 2019

The writings of a sadomasochistic slave living in Boston in a leather family.

A leatherman, reader, writer, musician, artist and advocate for those in chronic pain. My thoughts...musings...rants...cheers and jeers.
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