Animals Rule My Heart by Mystic Angel
January 2013
1jus' chillin'
2Stray Cat and Blind Dog Form Unlikely Friendship
3Man Drowns Trying to Save Wife, Dog
4Smiling Dogs
5Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison
7Doggy photo booth
8Purrr-fect Love: 6 Ways Cats Show Us Affection
9Playdate ideas for your dog
10Rescued Boy Huddled With His Dogs For Warmth
11Cuteness Alert: Baby Panda Debuts at the San Diego Zoo
12Dogs .... How True:
13Fla. 'python challenge' draws about 800 hunters
14Cat Wrestles Little Boy To The Ground (VIDEO)
15Real Dogs HAve Tattoos
16Mouse released into wild snatched by hawk, ruins good deed (video)
17Heartwarming tales of animal friendship
18Help, help. What is this little thing?
21Truth Dogs Do Rock :)
22Cat Refuses Affection
23Killer whale and baby
24Dolphin Approaches Dive Group for Help
25Photo Captures Penguin Swimming Into 'Jaws of Death'
26Puppy Bowl IX Starting Lineup
28Ind. Officer, Wife Could Face Jail for Saving Deer
2910 dead Borneo pygmy elephants feared poisoned
Animals Rule My Heart
by Mystic Angel

The latest entry is January 10, 2022

Wildlife/Pets. :)

Pets Unconditional Love.

I prefer to be in the company of animals way more than humans.
Blessed Be.

Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~GEORGE ELIOT
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