Animals Rule My Heart by Mystic Angel
December 2012
1Dog stays by missing boy's side
2Shark Attack Victim: 'It Released Me and I Started Swimming as Fast as I Could'
3Will Oregon Zoo's prized baby elephant end up in a traveling show?
4Dog theft case ripples through New Mexico town
5Shutdown Corner Colin Kaepernick has an enormous pet turtle
7Pit bull puppy's horrific journey
9Holiday Safety Tips
11Certain dog toys contain chemicals that studies suggest could lead to health problems in your dog
12Therapy dog helping children with their fear of the dentist
14After judge's ruling, popular orca named Morgan to remain in captivity
15Local Dog That Saved Owner Honored Again
18Pup Saved After Eating Holiday Lights
19Commit an Act of Kindness: Honor Animal-Loving Sandy Hook Victims
20Puppy mill releases dogs to rescue group; adopt a cat for free or $5: Animals in the News
23Frog relaxes, world goes wild (VIDEO)
26Animals that captured our hearts in 2012
29Animal rights group settles lawsuit with Ringling
31Woman Shocked by Shark, Fiance Vows to Reel It In
Animals Rule My Heart
by Mystic Angel

The latest entry is January 10, 2022

Wildlife/Pets. :)

Pets Unconditional Love.

I prefer to be in the company of animals way more than humans.
Blessed Be.

Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~GEORGE ELIOT
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