Animals Rule My Heart by Mystic Angel
October 2012
1Sailors capture spectacular footage of rare dolphin super pod encounter
2Dog takes a ride in car's grille
3Large bear chooses wrong home to invade, scolded by woman (video)
4'Dracula' Dinosaur Had Bristles and Fangs
5Happy World Animal Day
6Dog picks up Paul Casey's golf ball at the Dunhill Links Championship
7 Well-preserved mammoth carcass found in Siberia
8Man chased up a tree by angry red deer is caught on video
9Military Dog Honored For Heroics In Afghanistan Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3:05 pm Written by: TheP
1010 Surprising Causes of Stress
11Bizarre-looking sheep with an upside-down head sparks debate (video)
12I rescued a human today.
13Two tales of dogs saving dogs (with VIDEO)
14WATCH: Do dog seatbelts keep your pet safer?
15Puppy Pilates and canine cardio: How pudgy pets are slimming down Read more:
16She won't forget that in a hurry: Elephant rubs her eye in disbelief after cataract op to restore he
17Ray Huffman, Nebraska Policeman, Shoots Ayala Family Dog On Camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
18Baby elephant rescue will steal your heart (VIDEO)
19Lost boy kept warm by puppies, officials say
20The Pooch That Answered a Prayer
21What Is Your Dog's Most Important Meal of the Day?
22Should Our Puppy Sleep With Us, Or Be Banned From The Bedroom?
23Protecting your pets in a storm (VIDEO)
24Man, pets escape mobile home fire (VIDEO)
25Puppy mill news we can all cheer about
26Photographer becomes focus of large and ferocious mako shark
27Custody Battle Over Obie the Obese Dachshund
28Man Loses Phone In Cow's Bottom
29Spurred By Mike Vick Scandal, MMA Fighter Gordon Shell Risks His Life To Fight So That Dogs Don't Ha
30Eye spy: Critters with mismatched peepers
31Justices: Do drug-sniffing dogs pass smell test?
Animals Rule My Heart
by Mystic Angel

The latest entry is January 10, 2022

Wildlife/Pets. :)

Pets Unconditional Love.

I prefer to be in the company of animals way more than humans.
Blessed Be.

Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. ~GEORGE ELIOT
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