Poetic Passion by DaPoet
September 2012
1Desires Forbidden
2An Erotic Feast
3Upside Down
4In The Shower
5Upon Her Knees
6Assuming the Position
7Hot Damn!
8The Bondage of Submission
9Secrets As Yet Undiscovered
10A Mutual Seduction
11An Unexpected Conquest
12Fair Warning
17Dawn's Sacrifice
18An Even Trade
19Seduced and Conquered
20The Initiation
21The Poet
22Shouting Out in Victory
23His Girl Friday
24The Lay of the Land
25A Wolf Among Sheep
26One Hot Mama
27Seduced In a Dream
28Taken By Surprise
29Beneath the Waves
30My Mentor's Secret
Poetic Passion
by DaPoet

The latest entry is October 30, 2021

poems and short stories

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