Poetic Passion by DaPoet
January 2012
1Upon A Cloud
2The Sweetest Angel
3With Her Love
4Just After Midnight
5From Terror to Ecstasy
6His Words
8Within the Moonlight
9How the Poet Came to Be
10The Goddess of Love
11The First Yet Not the Last
12Daddy's Little Girl
14Sweet Forbidden Love
15December 21, 2012
16Make It Worth My While
17The Fly In The Ointment
18Underneath the Stars
19Hidden Discovery
20My Mother's Maid
21All Night Long
22Invading Her Privacy
23Assuming The Position
24Deep Inside Her Body
26Fallen Angel
27A Slice of Heaven
28If Only We Were Free
29An Unspoken Fair Thee Well
30Do Not Disturb
31Once Verboten Now Enjoyed
Poetic Passion
by DaPoet

The latest entry is October 30, 2021

poems and short stories

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