Today is May 22, 2022
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pansexual male age: 39
Member since 08/23/2011

Beasts, madness and cookies
Number of entries: 81
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Days and events in the life of a therianthrope with split personality and general declining mental health.
Dreams of lunacy
Number of entries: 38
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A journal of nightmares and dreamscapes
Q83-x: The Daily Grind
Number of entries: 0
Uncontextualized and unspecified details of the day-to-day grind, largely to see where I was at at any given point in time and see what brings me down and up
Timeline changes as of 2019/10/29
Number of entries: 1
A Timeshift event occurred at some point before this night; these are ongoing self-reports of changes that had been made
Dreams of Lunacy pt2: Hammer Rising
Number of entries: 7
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5 Years Later... Q still Dreams, but now, it might just be For Realsies. Or, you know, more likely not.

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