Today is September 18, 2020
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straight male age: 62
Member since 10/02/2010

Still Writing
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I am still dabbling with writing .... Something I call life reflections ... Most call it ****
Roadrunner - Open Journal
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Public Journal
Journal of an Imposter
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Within most of us there are darker moments ... I try to hide most of mine but maybe they should be allowed out into the world
Roadrunner Goes Forth
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With the greatest respect to Blackadder
Take Your Pic
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Photos from my life ... but not exclusively ...sometimes just an additional outlet for random thoughts
Roadrunner Too
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It is not a case of how far can I see; more a question of how much vision I have. The fact I can see 200-yards behind me is insignificant; what is important is how many years I dare to look into the future
The life and time of Roadrunner569033
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“Reach out to those you fear. Touch the heart of complexity. Imagine beyond what is seen. Risk vulnerability one step at a time” John Paul Lederach "The Moral Imagination

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