Today is November 29, 2021
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straight female age: 65
Member since 02/21/2003

Candy's Journey
Number of entries: 707
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Candy & Vic have gone country, Vic's Lost N Space, while Candy's like Alice N Wonderment.
The Agony & Ecstasy Of It all
Number of entries: 200
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Once where promises were made stands a lover waiting with a broken heart. All I ask the grim reaper of love is this. Let my words fall from my lips into the hearts of those who read me. Always In Your Heart Candyrain
♥ Net-Nookii's Nook ♥
Number of entries: 1590
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FOLLOW ME @ Vic & Candy Down on Da Farm JOURNAL All I ask is that you please observe the "NO LETTING GO" sign, Cuz I'll never let go !
Quicksilver Moods
Number of entries: 7
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UN-predictable character, able to flow into just the right mood.

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