Today is November 24, 2020
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bi female age: 57
Member since 08/15/2015

Total Exertion.
Number of entries: 106
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Fear tells me constant lies about exercise and weight loss. I love weighing far less than I do now. My self-esteem improves. I get to feel healthier, sexier. My body will be far more attractive and my heart will thank me.
Don't Quote Me.
Number of entries: 146
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Rays of light and enlightenment from sources without end.
Eyes Of The Lexicon.
Number of entries: 10
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"Read 'Em And Weep". I've always liked that saying. Comes from the card tables of western films, before the guns start blazing.
The Unwritten.
Number of entries: 9
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I remind myself that not all is finished until it is finished. And that's what this journal is created for.

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