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Most Recently Written
by Justbigoleme (straight male age: 52)
Mourning another chapter of my story being closed / celebrating the start of the next.
 Helping to hold myself accountable
by Justbigoleme (straight male age: 52)
 Is just what is said triggers.
Weighty Issues
by Christine (other female age: 43)
 On a lifelong journey to be healthier and lose weight.
Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
by Christine (other female age: 43)
One Week...
 A journal for/about the animals in our lives.
left wanting
by love louise (bi female age: 43)
Apr 22, 2022
On a one-way ticket
by Jamie thats me (other male age: 45)
 Apparently journaling is good for the soul
Random thoughts of a neurotic kitten
by panthress (asexual female age: 53)
Just leaning on my shovel in this graveyard of dreams
 Sometimes life just hits you - and sometimes you have to hit back.
Finding My Way
by Finding My Way (straight female age: 51)
It still hurts
 This is a journal of my journey as I learn more about myself.
by jen_e (bi-curious female age: 47)
 A day in the life of....
My Life With Chronic Pain
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 58)
How Fucking True
 I feel is a good idea since I am dealing with so much crap right now.
living in the end of days
by Rawlf Nietzsche (straight male age: 62)
fantasy fuck
 this is *not* a religious journal...i am a subjectivist, polytheist...fucking crazy curmudgeon
chrys·a·lis: 2. A protected stage of development.
by SFSassyGrl (straight female age: 55)
Storm clouds and silver linings
 The meandering thoughts of a woman who is in the midst of serious changes.....
Dreams of Lunacy pt2: Hammer Rising
by Superm4ssive (pansexual male age: 39)
Injury and Bruising
 5 Years Later... Q still Dreams, but now, it might just be For Realsies. Or, you know, more likely not.
This Thing Called Life
by Pansis (bi-curious female age: 52)
April Fools
 Thoughts from a bi-curious, bipolar, serial-cheating Christian suburbanite who is simply trying to figure herself out.
The beat goes on
by khh6 (straight male age: 67)
 Living life
Tink's tales and new beginnings
by Tinkerbelle (straight female age: 47)
My terms.
 "Forget the past, it's gone, but glance back occasionally to remind yourself where you came from and where you are going". ~Chloe Thurlow, A Girl's Adventure Creating a future by starting with a clean slate.
Candy's Journey
by Candyrain76 (straight female age: 66)
It began with Pancakes in Macedonia
 Candy & Vic have gone country, Vic's Lost N Space, while Candy's like Alice N Wonderment.
One man's junk....
by rambling_trash_man (straight male age: 45)
 Ramblings of my thoughts and opinions of whatever I want.
Married Life
by Dreamy Sonata (straight male)
Mar 22, 2022
A Shamrock in Bloom ~
by Shamrock (straight female age: 59)
Losses and perspective
 ~Taking back the Lawn~
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