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The following joined My-Journal over TEN YEARS ago and are still actively journaling here
Miss MM [joined: Jun 8, 2010]
TheLongRoadBack [joined: Jul 20, 2007]
Mystic Angel [joined: Dec 2, 2006]
LeighLaren [joined: Aug 13, 2004]
Lovely Assistant [joined: Aug 9, 2004]
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SynnicalSomebody [joined: Aug 29, 2002]
Zombalaya [joined: Jun 15, 2002]
khh6 [joined: Feb 19, 2002]
wayward heart [joined: Feb 17, 2002]
Christine [joined: Feb 15, 2002]
Mnemosyne [joined: Aug 17, 2001]
Darlinggirl [joined: Jan 4, 2001]

Most entries created
Mystic Angel [joined: 2006-12-02]7445
wayward heart [joined: 2002-02-17]6891
Reggi [joined: 2004-02-08]4506
TheLongRoadBack [joined: 2007-07-20]4472
khh6 [joined: 2002-02-19]3330
keora [joined: 2003-10-26]3145
Lovely Assistant [joined: 2004-08-09]3095
Terry [joined: 2001-03-04]2923
siri [joined: 2003-12-21]2880
Darlinggirl [joined: 2001-01-04]2750
biggmamaz [joined: 2004-12-04]2730
fourplet [joined: 2003-11-02]2649
Christine [joined: 2002-02-15]2648
Candyrain76 [joined: 2003-02-22]2515
Homemade [joined: 2005-03-30]2344
JenBee [joined: 2003-09-24]2324
Asher [joined: 2002-12-31]2315
Ginger [joined: 2003-10-26]2278
LightHouse Keeper [joined: 2004-01-05]1930
SynnicalSomebody [joined: 2002-08-29]1757

Journal Count
Currently there are 11172 journals with a total of 238971 entries

Most Recently Written
Morning Song
by Darlinggirl (straight female age: 55)
Sunday scent of someone frying chicken…
 Confessions, Ponderings, and Experiences of one of the last of the SouthernBelles.
by UhOh (straight male age: 45)
On we go
 It happens.
Life with Laura
by Life with Laura (straight female age: 60)
What About Bob?
 Living life through my eyes.
Dear Future Me,
by Christine (other female age: 43)
 Experiences today. Memories for tomorrow.
Quotes To Keep
by wayward heart (straight female age: 65)
Measure Of Our Hearts
 "Life itself is a quotation." -- Jorge Luis Borges
Whatever I Want!
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 58)
The Boys
 HEY ASS-BUTT! Entertain Me.
Books Nothing Like A Good Book....
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 58)
Morgan Dane #1
 What I am reading, read already plus what I wanna read next. :)
Where's My Pie?
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 58)
Stormy Day
 I am just me....No like what ya read here you can suck it.
Panopticon's Open
by Zombalaya (straight male age: 49)
Rough Draft
by Christine (other female age: 43)
Day 21
 Squeezing stories and ideas through a writer's block.
by scaryjobob (straight male age: 37)
Just a vent.
 Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.... --G.K. Chesterton
by Smess08 (female-to-male female age: 30)
Just this
 Customize your new journal by writing a title above and a description here...then select a color scheme by clicking a radio button below
Peripatetic Perlustrations
by Cardinal Puff (straight male age: 50)
Picture this...
 Au fait annotations by an architect of acoustic allegory
Sixty, Single and Suicidal
by Cairo65 (straight female age: 57)
Trying .....
 Journey with me as I share my life with you.
e x n i h i l o
by Mnemosyne (bi female age: 54)
I'm not like other girls....
 "Nothing could be more irrational than the idea that something comes from nothing." -- RC Sproul
So very blessed....and just a little bit crazy..
by Reggi (bi female age: 52)
Built for comfort, not heat
 What's to describe? This will be an cluster of words that probably won't mean anything to anyone but me...but you're welcome to read it anyway.
Opera and Anchovies
by SynnicalSomebody (straight female age: 52)
Jun 22, 2022
 A new season in my life... Saying goodbye to my father... slowly
just a glimpse....
by LeighLaren (straight female age: 52)
A long time...
First things first
by Smess08 (female-to-male female age: 30)
About the Ladder.
 Where we are.
Entertain me
by Christine (other female age: 43)
Stranger Things at the Pera Palace
 My temporary escapes from reality... books, games, movies, music, tv shows, etc.
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