Today is April 12, 2021
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Mystic Angel [joined: 2006-12-02]7225
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TheLongRoadBack [joined: 2007-07-20]3524
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Finding My Way [joined: 2003-10-29]1574

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Most Recently Written
by UhOh (straight male age: 44)
Day 15
 It happens.
Sammy's Journal
by sammybaby (asexual other age: 47)
Early Mornings
 deciphering life through rose colored glasses..
Dear Future Me,
by Christine (straight female age: 42)
Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!
 Memories for tomorrow.
Taking it From the TOP
by WriteItOnMyHeart (straight female age: 66)
I Miss Him So Much
 Life is a true gift and a true adventure. I hope to explore every detail that comes along and to write my insights, my fears, my hopes and share my dreams. Life is good at the Top, but can be so wonderful from the Bottom, as well. No?
Morning Song
by Darlinggirl (straight female age: 54)
The mysteries of life are not a problem to be solved....
 Confessions, Ponderings, and Experiences of one of the last of the SouthernBelles.
I Am The Master of My Fate
by Black_Love_Goddess (straight female age: 48)
 Just random thoughts and daily shenanigans of a divorced woman.
by MsMagenta (straight female age: 51)
End of Week 27
 My life is changing... again. This time it's from the inside out. Come along with me on my wild ride through bariatric surgery. I can't tell you where we'll end up, but I can tell you it'll be an adventure getting there.
Emotional Mess
by carol15 (straight female age: 26)
Mar 29, 2021
 Just the emotional roller coaster that is me.
Where's My Pie?
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 57)
2nd Dose Para Hubs
 I am just me....No like what ya read here you can suck it.
Animals Rule My Heart
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 57)
 Wildlife/Pets. :)
Que Pasa USA
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 57)
Just Love & Peace
 What it be .... What it was....
On My Bookshelf
by wayward heart (straight female age: 64)
The Empress of Bright Moon (The Empress of Bright Moon Duology Book 2)
 "To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life." -- Somerset Maugham
by Zombalaya (straight male age: 48)
Prayer For the Dying
 Songs that get stuck somewhere.
Just Quotes
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 57)
 Because I Like Quotes.
Photo(s), Videos , & Gifs
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 57)
Open Minded Peeps
 Mix bag of shit man. Peace!
My life and my thoughts
by Estherll (straight female age: 20)
Being the oldest
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Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
by Christine (straight female age: 42)
"Foster" Update
 A journal for/about the animals in our lives.
by Zombalaya (straight male age: 48)
Mar 21, 2021
 Do it now, before destiny intervenes.
The Other Side Of Life...
by Miss MM (other female age: 50)
She's gone
 Here it is, my real life...
Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom
by Homemade (straight female age: 46)
Clever Girl
 Me, turned WAY UP... Confessions and day to day drama, babbling and dribble, all with lots of confusion mixed in. Can you take it?... Because Im not sure i can.
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