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Currently there are 11080 journals with a total of 232859 entries

Most Recently Written
pebble scratchings
by siri (straight female age: 65)
Aug 12, 2019
 "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." Anas Nin
poems on siri's shelf
by siri (straight female age: 65)
Home by warsan shire
 "out of all that can be said, these particular words put down roots"...
Another New Chapter?
by naughtywife (bi-curious female age: 49)
I'll be ok now
 The crazy twists and turns in this former Naughtywife's roller coaster of life
Don't Quote Me.
by Amanda22Jane (bi female age: 56)
Bette Midler.
 Rays of light and enlightenment from sources without end.
Peripatetic Perlustrations
by Cardinal Puff (straight male age: 47)
Another Day?
 Au fait annotations by an architect of acoustic allegory
Where's My Pie?
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 55)
Meh Kinda Day
 I am just me....No like what ya read here you can suck it.
by Yanosz (gay male age: 41)
Master's Birthday
 Reflections of a collared slave...
Dear Self...
by Christine (straight female age: 40)
A Short Tuesday
 Let's see where this takes me.
Sight Is Optional
by blindsighted52 (straight female age: 48)
forever friends
 Random thoughts from a blind woman's perspective.Customize your new journal by writing a title above and a description here...then select a color scheme by clicking a radio button below
The Bolthole
by Asher (straight male age: 50)
Checking In
 'All my anguish, all my rages are poured and naught concealed here. If you should turn these pages, my heart you will find revealed here' -- Anonymous, quote on the inside of my paper journals
The Other Side Of Life...
by Miss MM (other female age: 48)
Not great
 Here it is, my real life...
Lets talk
by nahatsu (straight female age: 94)
A long short week...
 I like to write this place is perfect. I like being here.
The lounge
by nahatsu (straight female age: 94)
A long short week.....
 Coffee and a good yarn
Quotes To Keep
by wayward heart (straight female age: 62)
 "Life itself is a quotation." -- Jorge Luis Borges
by survinglife (straight female age: 54)
Suicide -cant stop
 Single, spoiled, suicidal and what the fuck.
In the mind of an autistic mother
by Vampyra (bi female age: 29)
 My thoughts and daily life learning to express that which I can't seem to say aloud read as you wish
Rough Draft
by Christine (straight female age: 40)
Needing to Vent
 Squeezing stories and ideas through a writer's block.
Whatever I Want!
by Mystic Angel (pansexual other age: 55)
The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer
 HEY ASS-BUTT! Entertain Me.
by Tristen (straight male age: 31)
Day 1
 She described me as a turtle, slow to come out of my shell. She was right, and this is me coming out more, in secret, especially where she nor my wife can see my thoughts.
by Candor (straight male age: 50)
claustrophobic colonoscopies
 Elevated Honesty
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